What is AI Feynman?

AI Feynman is a symbolic regression software that achieves the state of the art on the Feynman symbolic regression dataset. It is an improved implementation of AI Feynman: a Physics-Inspired Method for Symbolic Regression, Silviu-Marian Udrescu and Max Tegmark (2019) [Science Advances] and AI Feynman 2.0: Pareto-optimal symbolic regression exploiting graph modularity, Udrescu S.M. et al. (2020) [arXiv].

Where are the results stored?

A sub-directory will be created at the current directory called ‘results’. Under that directory, you’d find a solution file ‘solution_{filename}’ where {filename} is the filename provided to the launch function. See Usage for more information

I am getting Fortran or C++ compilation issues.

You might be missing the relevant compiler. On Ubuntu, to install the Fortran compiler you can run:

apt-get install gfortran

For the C++ compiler you can run:

apt-get install build-essential

How do I cite AI Feynman?

If you compare with, build on, or use aspects of the AI Feynman work, please cite the following:

    title={AI Feynman: A physics-inspired method for symbolic regression},
    author={Udrescu, Silviu-Marian and Tegmark, Max},
    journal={Science Advances},
    publisher={American Association for the Advancement of Science}